Modeling Ant using Dust3D

Prepare Reference Sheet

You can start modeling without any reference, however, if you model on top of a turnaround reference sheet, the final result would be better, it also ease the progress of modeling. The recommended features for reference sheet in Dust3D:

  • Only one image, but include at least two profiles in the image, one for front view, one for side view. And align horizontally with the same height.
  • Image size less than 1MB. Because if you save the document, the reference image will also be included in the .ds3 file.
  • No blur filter, make a clean sheet, Dust3D will blur it for you when you load the image.

The above reference is a good example. The raw picture comes from Composed in GIMP.

Modeling in Dust3D

  1. Load Reference Sheet from Menu: File > Change Turnaround…
  2. Click Plus(+) Icon from Tool Box
  3. Place node on the canvas according to the reference background.
  4. Use Mouse Wheel to Adjust the radius of the node, hold shift to slow down the scroll scale.
  5. Use the Parts List panel to toggle the settings to make you easily select or see nodes.
  6. Use Mouse Middle button plus Shift key to rotate and move around the Rendered Model.

Export Mesh

After finished modeling, Export the result mesh from Menu: File > Export…

Turnaround Reference Resource


(If you know more resource, please edit this page in Github to share, thanks.)